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TEXT TOPIC: Do you sleep with a blankie/Woobie or a stuff animal?

sleep with a little pink silk blanky, I'm 26

I sleep with a wubby and teddy bear and even take them on trips. They are comforting! I'm not going to lose sleep because of some arbitrary rule that adults can't have comfort items. Why judge someone for something that comforts them and is totally harmless to everyone else?

I don't sleep with a stuffed animal every night but when my boyfriend is working late or on a trip, I have one that he gave me since I'm used to cuddling with him. Sounds ridiculous since I'm an adult but for some reason it helps me sleep better when he's not there.

I have my bear on my night stand at all times. When I'm stick he cuddles with me. I've had him for 30yrs

my mom has a wobby. She calls it a sniffy it's a pillow case tied in a knot that she sniffs to fall asleep.

Don't have a stuffed animal but I have a big sheepadoodle named goose that I sleep with

My husband has a Red Sox pillow pet that he cannot sleep without. And it pisses me off because he does not allow me to wash it we have been together for five years and he's had it for like 10

My grandmother made me a blanket and I have had it for 26 years now. The silk edges are completely gone, there are holes all over it and I still love it. She's made me an exact replica before but it just never was the same. Whenever I'm sick my blanky is always there for me. My husband has started snuggling with it when he feels sick as well and agrees it has some kind of power to make you feel better

Gave my then gf a teddy bear. She's 28 still sleeps with it. She's my ex now & I want the bear back. It's cute and soft. Lol!

Not only to I sleep with the ugliest woobie, I sleep with my dogs ashes. Yup, a cedar box full of ashes. I'm 39.

I still have my baby blanket and I'm 30.. but my daughter stole it from me when she was born and now it's her boogey. That blankets been through it!!!

I have this old pillow that all the feathers have lumped together and it's the most uncomfortable pillow ever but I sleep with it under my arm. I've always called it my woobie! My husband will joke with me and hide it... Pisses me off lolol

Murr from impractical jokers still has one. The guys have done some mean jokes with it.

my husband still has his wubby. it just stays on the side of the bed he doesn't sleep with it. It's literally a shredded blanket hanging on for dear life.

I am 26 and still sleep with my "baby" which is a stuff toy I got when I was a baby. However when my bf spends the night I hide it or if I sleep at his house I don't take it

I have a cabbage patch kid. I have had it since I was 2- now 34! He is always close by at home- my kids tried to play with him and I had to snatch it back from them...

my boyfriend who is 29 has a blanket his grandma made for him. He sleeps with it all the time but now my 6 year old daughter loves it too and wants to sleep with it . And now they fight over it ??

My husband has a sheet, from childhood, that he HAS to have. Sleeps w/it between his legs. Even takes it when we travel

About 10 years ago I stopped sleeping with my baby blanket, almost 37. I still have it though and periodically take a nap with it!

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