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TEXT TOPIC: What did you do over the weekend?

the husband and I got a new car at VW Southtown this weekend.

went raising canes and waited 2 hr

I won first place in a pinup contest in Woodruff Utah it was for like a car show contest to pick up contest they were having like bids selling stuff because one of the residents there had a stroke and we were raising money so the Woodruffs like to put on some thing to every year in somebody that's a need and so it was pretty cool I wasn't expecting it I was just going to have fun so I was excited

my weekend was awesome. We had a pool party at my parents Friday. On Saturday I went up to Wasatch mountain golf course with some of my best friends to play a round of golf and finished it off at dairykeen!!

emily in wvc last weekend: fishermans wharf, alcatraz, pier 39, china town, golden gate bridge, winchester mystery house

went and visited my brother that's been in the hospital for almost 5 weeks. So good to see him doing better.

gimme a shout! I turned 40 this weekend. Life is so so good!!!!!!

for our weekend my baby turned 7, my nephew turned 9, my sis-in-law also had a birthday and we all spent it together in California

Mountain View corridor extension is finally open!! It's now goes all the way down to California Ave

Strawberry days rodeo in pleasant Grove! They canceled last year and the year before I had mono so didn't so, very happy to be back there

flew to Denver to help my daughter who delivered baby #5 early. All is good with mama and baby boy. She has 4 girls. Listener Teresa

we put a deposit down on a lot in Bear Lake this weekend! Can't wait to build a little get away of own own ??

won the noodles gift certificate a few weeks ago, I used it over the weekend and had friends over. Thank you

Spent the night with the girlfriend and sons of the man who drowned in pine view. So heartbreaking

I was driving behind this car when it veered off the road jumped the curb and hit a car in the parking lot. When I got to the car the driver was slumped over into passenger seat and convulsing. I had to break the glass to unlock the drivers door in order to drag him out and administer CPR. When the police arrived he was able to answer questions. It appears the he will be OK

awesome weekend! Had a staycation at the Marriott then took a ride to Willard Peak, then nice drive through Monte Cristo. Monday not so good, AC crashed.

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