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TEXT TOPIC: Did someone have a fashion intervention with you

I reconnected with my bff from junior high as a college student. She was 5 foot and 130 lbs so stocky but such a cute girl. Except she wore basketball shorts and oversized clothing chronically AND 1-2 size too large for her cause she thought the clothes were hiding her "fat". I called her a butch bear one day to point out her poor sense of taste. We went shopping shortly later. Covid is reverting her back though!!!

bahahaha I had to run the phone to my husband when you were talking about Channing Tatum and crocs. My husband will not take off the crocs. It started when I had them working as a nurse and he thinks they are great! He just asked to a new pair for our vacation this week ??

had a friend tell me that I needed to stop hiding behind hats. Said I was too pretty to do that. Haven't really wore hats since

My daughter was getting ready to get married. The dresses had all been picked out. My daughter told me, "Mom! Now we need to go bra shopping! We havey named the shame!y named the shame!

I was playing hair shop with my dad when I was little and said his hair looked better with a side part, not a middle part. Since then, he has done a side part.

I always correct my husband's fashion. He ALWAYS wears clothes that don't match. 7 different colors, etc.

had a friend of mine tell me that I need to stop wearing a sports bra because I had a "uni-boob" so she took me bra shopping

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