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TEXT TOPIC: Have you been on TV before?

I've been on the news a couple times. In high school when the girls soccer team was highlighted and again at first night in sugar house with all the food trucks

I was on Ellen and danced next to twitch. I was also on ESPN college game day-I was also seen on Jimmy Fallon!

Was on the news while at a fair in PA. The Monkeys were performing at the fair and I was dancing in the audience with lead singer Davie Jones

been on America's got talent (sat right behind the judges) and on the price is right twice. Both times there we were in the second row and right by the announcer. Checked those off The bucket list

back in the 90s I was a ball boy for the LV Sting, Arena Football team. One play I was knelt down and guy made a catch then proceeded to get tackled right into me and pinned me to the wall. It was on ESPN and all. I still have the VHS tape of it.

I was on TV for the family feud and the couple new segments.

I was on a kids show called Romper Room with my brownie troop. This was back when I lived in Illinois.

when I was 5 I was an extra in touched by an angel a few times

in 2003 my high school dance team was selected to perform at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. We were front row for both the national anthem and for half time show.

I was on TV when I was in 5th grade. The news came and asked some of us kids who they thought was going to win American idol. Jordan Sparks or Taylor Hicks and I said Jordan Sparks because shes a girl

been on TV a number of times with the San Francisco Giants. Had tickets 3rd row up from the bullpen, so got on TV every time I was there and a pitching change occurred.

I was on the Dr Phil show to be reunited with my children who had been poisoned and alienated from me by my toxic ex-wife. Not a good experience as Dr Phil was such a (fill in the blank), but it brought my kids back to me so it was well worth it.

Witnessed a robbery at jewelry store. News wanted an interview. Had to give my name. Obviously asked to be annon. They put my full name on tv

I've been on the news a handful of times, fox 13 did cool school of the week for a bit (maybe still do?) and we did it a couple times. I also play bagpipes so was on for that.

Back in the day my mom was on Phil Donahue!

as on tv when I was in the rose bowl parade with the Davis high school marching band. I was in the color guard. Also, been on TV when marching in the days of 47 parade her in SL

On Good Things Utah in elementary school for an art contest. Also on Fox13 news for Herriman Arts Council's musicals twice. Also dancing in a U of U basketball halftime show.

when a kid I was on STARS Drill Team. Performed on Hotel Balderdash (kid show in the mornings). Was on a couple of the Osmond Family Specials

I played an extra on the movie Humble Pie. Also on the TV series of Everwood.

I went to see tv show filmed "Love Connection" with Chuck Wollery and every timed they turned the cameras on the audience they went to me. Filmed two shows and I was on tv 2 days in a row

mom was on 20/20 for the story about Wendy weaver in Spanish fork.

I was on TV talking about the Choking Game when my son passed away from it.

Interviewed by Sandy Riescraft regarding how the high gas prices were affecting our landscaping company

I was on channel 2 news talking about living in ogden, then I got to be in tv in Mexico with my uncles band and fox 13 for my school when I was in high school

Did a cooking segment on a morning show in Kansas a while back!

I was on tv because I was getting presented the keys to success giant check for a scholarship at my high school I was so excited I got to hold the giant check

hope woodside interviewed me when I was in 3rd grade on the news and I decided that day I wanted to be a news anchor when I grew up. Didn't happen. I switched to radio haha

I was on 20/20 and Nancy Grace because of my aunt's murder trial here in Utah

I was on TV cold case sex crimes: a case not forgotten when the captured the Clearfield serial rapist

TRL in high school! Pulled off the street. Had to leave early for my flight

years ago I was on the price is right with Bob Barker. Didn't go up but sat front row.

I have been on TV multiple times once I took a calf down to Salt Lake and did a segment with Kacey where we had the calf on TV.

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