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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar?

Fuzzy Love Photography on Instagram

Tin Roof Grill

cold season 2 episode 12 is now available for free on amazon music! As we come to an end of the podcast this is not the end of my GMA's story. We will get Justice for Joyce!!

bricks corner. Drove all the way down from Ogden and it did not disappoint!!!

Thirdlove. I bought a couple bras from there. I'm bustier and these bras fit nice, they're soft and they hold me in. I was a VS snob, but this is my new fav.

a show called Manifest. Sad they got cancelled after season 3.

Donut Star in Draper. We had a donut tasting contest with 12 of the best donut shops and they won hands down. Best service also!

Outlander series tv and books. Needs to come back. Having Jamie withdrawals lol

I've been really into the podcast to live and to die in LA s2. It's a must listen to!!

Sweet Tooth on Netflix! Its absolutely wild and so creative. It's about a virus and what happens –Makaylen

on my radar is a movie on Netflix called "Awake" it is intense and suspenseful but not scary

THERAPY! Also just being a decent human being.

space young investors society teaches financial literacy the high school students and is phenomenal they just wrapped up their global competition.

Taking Chance. A movie on HBO max about a soldier who's killed in Iraq and the marine who escorts Chance's body home to be buried.

The Mosquito Coast on Apple TV

Percy Jackson books. So much better than the awesome movie. CUTE DAINTY YET QUALITY JEWELRY!

Cradle to the stage. Dave Grohl and his mom interview other musicians and their moms. The newest was with the lead of Rush.

on my radar is an iced chai tea latte with vanilla cold foam from Starbucks. I love it so much that I learned to make it at home to save money.

True crime with the psychic sisters podcast. They are from my home state Idaho. They are funny and do such a great job reporting true crime

on my radar is Mosquito Coast on Apple TV. Stars Justin Theroux who is so good and so HANDSOME!

Sunday’s Best – brunchmehard on Instagram

Yi sushi bistro

Steve Crowder. Love the freedom of not being politically correct and speaking truth

playoff hockey! Go knights!

on my radar is Dutch bros I'm from Cali now there are here amazing love it

Thai delight cafe in West Jordan. Right off 6200 S by Reams. Their yellow curry is something I can eat EVERYDAY! It's so dang good! Jess, you better try it if you haven't!!!!

Captive on Netflix. It's intense but true stories like the pirates that held the couple hostage and prisoners who held the guards hostage in Ohio 1993. So good!

DING TEA in Taylorsville for all the boba lovers in SLC

The pancake house

The show – Mr. Inbetween

I'm about 30 yrs late but I finally watched Friends! I watch it all day at work and will get through all 10 seasons in 3 weeks. So funny, I miss the 90s

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