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TEXT TOPIC: Did you witness someone losing it on the job?

I worked call center and 1 guy swung at his manager because she would not leave him alone. He would have hit her if another big Tongan lady didn't jump in front of him

the drive thru was packed Turns out it was because a couple of employees were going at it. The manager kinda peeked over them and said "it's ok ma'am I can take your order" thank you ??

My old boss she would slam the table with her hand. Accused several of us stealing stuff because her Shaman told her it was us. She went crazy after her boyfriend passed away that worked with us also

I was eating in a restaurant when a fight Broke out in the kitchen! None of us could see anything but people were screaming at the top of their lungs and we could hear kitchen utensils, pots and pans things like that being thrown. Everyone in the restaurant sort of froze and just sat there not knowing what to do. Eventually the yelling stopped and everything seem to continue as normal! It was very uncomfortable!

I watch to Dr. lose it in the OR ones. Started screaming push the tray threw some scissors across the room.

I worked at a car dealership and a customer starting acting ridiculous, yelling and swearing right on the showroom floor, The GM lost it and they started arguing and told the guy to get the f$#* out of the dealership and they almost fought in the parking lot. Happens often in the car business

in the earlier days of corona we "messed up" on his order, so i fixed it & he wouldn't give me the mess up back and to keep it he said "I have corona I have to keep it" so I didn't say anything and slammed the drive door in his face ???????

I am in property management and have seen ugly. I have been slapped, pushed in a pool, called every name in the book, threatened, tires slashed, keys thrown at me, etc.

I was actually the one who went off because I was told I should marry my own kind because my husband was Mexican so I went off told them to f off and I walked out.

Coworker blew up at mngr in front of everyone claiming she spoke over him in a meeting. He was out of line & wrong. Mgr handled it well but cried after

Saw a coworker lose it@ customer that was cussing&being personally insulting over a late pkg.Started yelling VERY CREATIVE insults back@cust while throwing their goldfish crackers everywhere, hung up&threw headset across room.

worked in a airline reservations office. Had a GM exc go off me, I returned fire by yelling at him because my car broke down. He was nice after that

lady didn't get back to me till two week later that she wasn't happy with some work that was done. She said I needed to come back and do 8 hours worth of work for free. Told her if she was that upset she should have said something after the appointment and that she could pay me to come back. Didn't want to pay. Told her to eff off

was working at a tire shop and a customer was mad and yelling at my coworker saying he was a top chef at some restaurant and he would be fired if my coworker worked for him. I was mocking him and he heard me and we started yelling at each other. I was told to go cool off for a little bit after that.

worked in cust. serv. co worker was helping a rude cust, he told her to shut up and listen so he can help. Supervisor heard and asked him to lower his tone. Co worker said " you can shut up too" took off his headset and yelled " I quit" and left

my theme song last week was One Step Closer by Linkin Park because of my coworkers.

been in retail YEARS. When I discovered a retuned vacuum wasn't the vacuum the box showed her returning, she threw the vacuum at me ???????

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