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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT?

if you really hate working here so bad, go find another job! Your constant complaining is obnoxious and I'm f-ing sick of it!

I like you and you say you like me I'm 30 you're 40 I'm not doing this cat and mouse game with a grown man. If that's what you want, you are holding up the line move along then!

Dear Co-worker stop tryN 2 bully me 2 get the Covid shot. U made ur choice, now let me make mine.

ladies you keep on saying you want a nice guy, but when you come across one you either push him away or friend zone him. Cause you don't believe he is real. I guess nice guys do finish last.

justice has served. Theft, harassment, & sex harassment. You're finally gone & it's a huge sigh of relief. Bye bitch.

You can't work people to the bone and expect them to like going to work and do their job. Treat your employees better and your turn over rate wouldn't be so high.

supporting strangers small business is nice, but don't try to put me down for adventuring into my own business. Just show support that's all I want

Hey Jag weed- don't drive over 200 miles to take me out and can't keep your hands off my ass and then be mad I wouldn't sleep with you. Keep it classy, Tim. I'm better than that!!!

don't get upset that we aren't blessing our baby when you know we do not share the same beliefs then make comments about me being a "wild flower" I don't judge you and your beliefs so don't do it to me.

Your laziness and complaining about doing your job is so next level that YOU'RE the reason the boss quit. He couldn't take your crap any longer.

we're in a drought people. Stop watering your lawns midday when it's 104 degrees outside.

you take off just as many Fridays throughout the year that I do Monday's. Can't be a double standard. Learn how to manage

hey ceo, we don't have a "great culture" or "play to win as a team". And giving us popcorn for forcing us back into the office....this is why I quit!

Hey ex husband. Remember all the times that you told me I was a cheater & that you still can't trust me to this day. I have all the texts & pics you send me up to yesterday: the miss u texts, love u texts, naughty pics. I show them to my fiance, every single one of them. Should I send them to your gf, too?

don't bully my 3 yr old when u think I can't hear. U told him u're gonna kick his ass? No dude I'm gonna kick urs! Sincerely an irate DIL

Do not take food off someone's plate. You think it's ok cuz your my dad but I dont like you and you owe me a pickle

hey semi learn to look before you move you idiot

my cousins husband needs to stop texting me it's annoying----so my cousins husband is obsessed with me he leaves me gift cards and such all the time at my door and texts me every second all day

quit worrying about what time I get in when you don't even show up to work

Pick up your dang trash when you go to the lake. Especially teens!! yes girls I gathered all of your Starbucks garbage and threw it out. Don't be an a hole

dear "nice guy" just bc you are nice to us doesn't mean we owe you a romantic relationship.

Dear Stepdaughter, I'd help you out for always (with or w/o your dad's knowledge) if only you'd acknowledge and include us in your life. Hey! How about even wishing your amazing, loving dad a happy birthday. Real life is about give and take - not just take.

We trusted you as our builder but a piece of me dies every time I drive by and there has been NO progress on our new house for weeks at a time. Do your freaking job!!!!

hey 4 wheeler look i have signals all down the side of my semi. Give me space I'm 80k lbs and 75 feet long. Get OFF my side when I'm signaling

It is ridiculously hot outside. I get it. I will do my best to fix your A/C but please don't act like a freaking asshat and scream and swear at me I don't want to help you when you do that. Be nice!!

stop talking to me about politics

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