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TEXT TOPIC: What did you score BIG on?

We got a new dryer from Lowes for $287. It was a $900 dryer. They put a wrong sign on it but had to honor the price for us.

we scored a traeger. Someone had it out for free said the fuse was not working $30 later replaced the fuse and heating element. Fully working traeger.

got 5 boxes of designer tile For my bathroom they normally range about 5:50 for each tile got the 5 boxes $25! Score

I am a bargain hunter. Got a $2,000 massage chair for $20, needed a $2 switch.

I'm a deal hunter!! I obsess over deals. iPad 8th gen $150. Got it last night.

last year we bought 35 for 5th wheel for 17000. Was 2017 year model. Value 29000. Woohoo

got $1700 worth of Stance soaks (the best ever) for $152

scored a traeger at a garage sale for $50

Scored Patriots tickets. Row 8 at the 40 yard line for $180 for the pair. The wife was selling them for cheap in spite because she found her husband was having an affair. Their $300-$500 tickets each

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