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TEXT TOPIC: Family not talking to you because you left the religion?

my aunts and uncles pretend we don't exist. They don't acknowledge me, my husband or our 9 month old son because we left mormonism.

I officially left my family's chosen religion and current informing all. Most are okay but my mom is beyond upset and fights me on it all the time. Mind you she's not active in that religion. I chose to go a Wicca route and my family thinks I'm worshiping the devil so educating them but most are taking it personal. I will end up losing some family but I'm happy

A good friend of mine left the family religion and not only will his mother not speak to him anymore but she actively tells his wife, her daughter-in-law, to leave my friend! To divorce him over the issue of religion!

Left husband & LDS church. 2/3 my kids cut me out of their life. Have a granddaughter only seen 3 times since she was born yr ago.

my brother didn't invite an my of his siblings since all 5 are not active in the kids faith to his sons baby blessing. I confronted him about that I have yet to even meet his son who is almost 3 months old. Let's just say between that and me having a child out of wedlock and how my supposedly active family reacted to that and me being the first to get divorced. It had pushed me more and more further away from the kids faith by their treatment of me and lack of acceptance

I grew up in the Utah religion and left and became a pegan Wicca my grandma tells me I'm going to hell and won't tAlk to me now and I'm out of the will till I take god back she said

My mom is peeved because sis and I don't go to church but her good friend has not met her own grandkids because the friend cut off her daughter when she quit church.. my mom wants the family.

my mom didn't talk to me for 2 yrs for getting married in the lds temple

I'm late on this, but my mom's family disowned us cause we are inactive LDS church goers. Meh, their loss, eh?

My daughter's fiancee left the FLDS when he was 14 and was not aloud to talk to his mom. He tried calling her on his 22nd birthday in June 2019 the call did not go well and he was not able to talk to her again Then in November of 2020 he was killed in a motorcycle accident in Millcreek

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