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TEXT TOPIC: What annoys you about your houseguests?

luv my gma but she stays w me @NITE she pees in MY cup(S) in her room&pours it down bathroom sink

when they are the one invited and they bring their kids EVERY TIME and not little kids we are talking 21, 18 yrs old

my brothers raid my fridge within minutes of being at my house. And drink all of my juice

my nephews have extremely stinky feet. I would rather not have their socks directly on my carpet. Shoes for them a must

they yell/boss around my dog or ignore the rules I have I'm place for my dog when guest come over.

it's my siblings every time they come over they go straight to my pantry to eat and will never leave.

Guest stayed for 1 1/2 months in our small house. Every morning at 5am he'd fix himself a full bacon & eggs breakfast slamming everything

reorganizing things in my house it makes me feel like I'm a messy person when my house was clean

When house guests take a dookie in your bathroom right off the kitchen. Then you get slapped by their scent on your way to eat. Ew!!

hate it when house guests stay up late. Okay it's midnight, kids have school tomorrow and I have work.... Nope keep talking.

when they pull out a new soap from under the counter because they don't like the smell leaving two open soaps on the counter! You don't live here!

When someone goes through my cupboards and then complains they can't find anything they like

kids bring dogs over which is fine we love dogs but then don't clean up their poop left in the back yard.

hate when my house get dillydally in the morning and then when it's time to leave they say we got a shower and get ready and then we leave two hours later

My father in law always points out what he think is wrong with my house. Weeds in the grass, Wasp nest forming, just dumb stuff I am aware of and will take care of.

my mother in-law! When she comes over, she automatically starts cleaning! Drives mec insane, its like telling me my house is a mess! And it is, we have a 3 year old and we both work full time..

hate when they come and bring kids and don't watch them. They leave them for me to deal with them

when people leave doors open. People will go out the sliding door and leave it open. Drive me crazy. And when people put their shoes up on my furniture.

hate when houseguest discipline my children

When my daughter was little.. I would go to drop something off at a friends and she would just barge in and go upstairs:explore it was so embarrassing.

my sister NEVER cleans up after herself or her son when they come over. It's exhausting??

My sis-in-law comes over w/her 5 kids. Kids sit/stand on the BRAND NEW couch with their shoes ON, want food & drinks to be given to them on the couch!

We have family that will make a giant mess and then book it out of the house without cleaning up

I hate how my MIL will come over and run right to the kitchen and tell me how she hates my dirty kitchen. Then clean.

I hate when house guess ask for my WIFi password. I don't want people slowing down my already slow internet and most importantly, if you don't have enough data, that's not my issue. Get a better phone plan.

houseguests who leave the guest room and bathroom a disaster. Clean up after yourself.

have a good friend from high school who comes to visit every year with her family. It's a small thing, but none of them close cupboards after they open them or push in chairs or barstools! I spend the whole time following after them closing the covers and pushing in the chairs!

when they just start opening everything with a door going thru every cupboard. My brother-in-law opens everything like snooping right in front of me.

hate when my friends bring their dog without asking. She always has potty accidents and is slobbery, jumps up on us and also has anal gland issues. She has expressed her anal glands on my couch!!

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