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TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a near death experience as a kid?

my family was in a car accident back in the mid 80s and my brother, 6, flew into the windshield. Survived.

at 8 yo I was home alone and the house was struck by lightning.

riding the ring of fire at a town fair at 8 yrs old started to slip out from the lap bar dad had to hold me in with all his might haven't rode a fair ride since

I was about 5 in the front seat, early 90s so no seat belts. She crashed into a 7/11. My head almost went they windshield

I was involved in a side-by-side accident. I was driving, turned too sharp and the rolled on top of me. I was blacked out for 15 minutes before I felt angels pull me back into consciousness

my fam was vacationing in Central Am. We were at the beach & got taken far out in an undertow. Didn't know the danger til the lifeguards came & rescued us

7 years old. Got hit by a freak wave on a California beach and got drug along the beach and started getting pulled out into the ocean. I was grabbed by someone who ran out after seeing me in trouble.

16 yrs old. Driving to school with some friends. Hit a patch of black ice. The car skidded and hit gravel and we flipped end over end. Glass popped out instead of in. The paramedics on the scene were expecting 4 dead teenagers based on the condition of the car. We all walked away.

When i wad 9 me and my brother had this big feild in our backyard and when they started building houses there we went to play around the construction site then my brother slipped and fell onto a peice of rebar. It almost went through his chest if he fell any higher it would have.

viciously attacked by a dog at age 10 inches from my heart

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