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TEXT TOPIC: Happy Thankful Thursday! Who or what are you Thankful for?

I want to thank my twin brother who gave me Almost 68 wonderful years of memories

Thanks to everyone working at the new Raising Canes. Currently in line to have Chicken tenders for breakfast

My dad, Lots of surgeries last few years & knee surgery Monday. Times like this I reflect & am grateful for wonderful parents! Thx for being you.

I want to thank all those that came to my sons high school graduation party. We are blessed to have the family and friends that support him! Thank you

I'm thankful for my parents because they have helped us by taking the kids every night while I go to work (graves) and my hubby works out of town for the year

I'd just like to say thank you to my teacher Mrs. Murray who changed my life around in 6th grade

Thank you to the doctors and nurses at the IMC NICU in Murray! They were wonderful while taking care of my sweet baby boy for 87 days.

I want to thank my mom for being my best friend, the best "Memaw" and an amazing human. I love you, Mama. You are an angel on earth. Krissy Thomas

I'm thankful for my family and everything they do for me

Thank you to the hospital staff at McKay dee that have been taking care of my brother for the last 3 weeks. Still praying he'll be ok.

I want to thank my co worker Lynelle. She's been like a mom to me. She's always been there for me. This past month has been hard but she's been so amazing.

I'd like to thank my cousin Sean , for supporting me and telling me it's okay to be happy and to pursue fiercely my goals and dreams

Your morning show! Covid was not nice for employment we've moved to 2 different states. Now I work from home in Kentucky and I listen to my Utah fav

Thank you to St. Marks hospital ICU taking amazing care of my gpa, fam is so grateful for all of u!

I wanted to thank my sister for always being there for me. I have seizures and she helps me through them. Now she is the one I automatically go to, not even realizing I'm doing it

thank you To my girl for working your ass off everyday at a job you hate in order to support us while my hours are cut back

Thanks to all the moms that stopped what they were doing and helped me find my lost 2 year old. There are no words to express just how much I appreciate them

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