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TEXT TOPIC: Who is judging you right now?

my neighbor is for sure judging our yard. We can't keep it up, it's not that bad, but it's certainly not manicured as hers. She works on her yard at least 2 hours a day.. I get the stank eye every time

my boss is judging me for not wanting to get vaxxed.

hubs and I are early 30s and fam is judging me & hubs for not having kids. We don't have a reason other than we're just not ready.

pretty sure my neighbors are judging me for my yard. I have the stupid baby trees that need to be cut. Too tired to do it on my day off work or after work

My hubby and I are Late 20's and don't want kids for at least 5 more years. Our friends and family are judging us for it.

get judged by my brother and most of my family for having a baby out of wedlock. I was 34 when I had my kid.

got a boob job and my Dad is judging me for it and brought it up multiple times. I'm 24.

my coworker judges me because I totally have a favorite child!

my husband and I get judged for not believing in the Mormon church anymore from his family. We respect your beliefs, respect ours!!!

my extended family always judge/critized me all the time. They always judge me for doing things right, I'm very mature for my age. Wanted to marry after a specific age same with having kids and their kids didn't do that, now they say I "wanted" a "specific guy" professional and with money and judge me for the man I fell in love with but his amazing and hard working

My grandma asked if we are having any more kids we have 5 I said to her grandma you just ask me if we are having more sex. She vehemently denied asking me if we are doing that I said no grandma think about it that is exact question you asked me it went on and on like that for 5 or 10 minutes finally she changed the subject

judged because I will most likely have a c-section due to high risk... people act like it makes you less of a mom to not have a natural delivery

Judged because I left my 8 relationship/engagement at 27

my mom always telling me to get off my medication. Ok yeah I take pain meds but goodness I've had eight back surgeries from a drunk driver, always calling me an addict even though I take it responsibly.

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