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TEXT TOPIC: Did you get back with an EX?

When we first dated we were 14, got back together in college. Not together anymore, but still one of my best friends

i actually married my ex.. biggest mistake! Now looking to get divorced after 2yrs married.

my mom's husband cheated on her w/ my sister. He went to prison for violating parole. Mom took him back when he got out

I'm with him now and it doesn't work...

2 years off and on, 2 years together and this October married 20 years and two wonderful boys!!! 3>3>3

Mary my ex after being separated for three years and we're going on 20 years of marriage and five kids

got back with the ex, and have a happy baby boy as a result. I was scared at first and glad I went back.

my parents divorced when I was 1 remarried when I was 10 and we're together 11 yrs then my dad died in a motorcycle accident.

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