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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT?

To the idiot dude who has walls and cuts people out. I hope you enjoy your lonely life. Let people love you!

understand being a dr can be hard but don't treat the people that work with you like they don't know how to do their jobs.

y dont u understand how toxic we have become to each other

im so tired of wishy washy. Im ur fiance. Y am i on the same level as ur family? If u dont choose me, im out. Done with toxic, manipulative, narcissistic, people who doesnt invite me. Sorry im too loud for ur family

you don't get to choose when people want to apologize when it's you that are in the wrong stop nitpicking every thing to stay mad

dear HR, a white Mormon male can be a diverse candidate for a new job position.

High School ended over 15 plus years for me and how long for you and you still act like that grow up!

getting her out of our lives is the best thing you can do for this family. Moving past a disastrous decision (her) will only help us heal

UHP step up and start enforcing the speed limits on 201 way to many deaths. Way to many entitled people thinking they don't need follow the posted limits.

I said you could stay here for the weekend, not live here! House rules apply to you too, stop taking food/drinks to your room

You cheated!!...multiple times and it made you realize our family was what you really wanted. I don't want to have sex with's that simple.

I'm 7mo pregnant how Abt u back the F off, I know u luv to harass ppl but now is not the effing time

dear ex wife quit using the kids for your own personal gain! I work hard to support my kids!

to the jerk that decided to make a left hand turn across the running path in their car during the marathon on saturday, you suck!

to the photographer at the wedding I attended this weekend. The wedding is for the bride and groom NOT YOU!

planned a trip with a bunch of family for a family members bday. Not the bday girl is thinking about not coming ?? everybody spent all the money on the trip for YOU!!!!!!

quit using your kids as tools in your pathetic games. you have 2 more kids and are married. let us be a family. stepmom has way more to offer than you ever had

gym ladies please be aware that no guy at the gym will initiate the first move, so its all to you, cause no guy wants to be label as the creepy guy at the gym.

don't tell me to be at my appointment 15 early, yet I waited for 45 min! My time is valuably too!!

boss,I manage 2 processes,I'm a manager not "analyst".Promote me already,other companies r calling.

hey builders quit being greedy and trying to cancel our contract you signed it now build our damn house.

to the lady who treats me and my staff as if we are beneath her cuz we clean houses. Hey this is your mess. Quit being lazy and clean your crap

to the guy that hit be with a jet ski while I was on me paddle board,I hope you get yours.

yes I'm having ANOTHER baby. Get over it.

You where mentally abusive to me so I left after 8 years and now I'm happier then ever and now your begging me to come back. Why would I do that screw you

PLEASE Keep up for the flow of traffic! This is not a county road. It's a freeway. Nothing to see. Move along.

dude you are my landlord not my father. We are responsible adults. Stop being controlling over petty little things.

to the "so called" friend who I keep trying to include but know that I shouldn't STOP thinking that you need a man to be valid

To a certain ex boyfriend. Stop trying to get me back. Stay out of my life. Screw you.

true girlfriends don't compete over the same guy. Just saying

Your the one that told me to get a lawyer when I just wanted to be an adult and deal with the best way for our child but you wanted to be nasty. Great dad you are.

From HR to the "white Mormon male" you're not diverse here in Utah, and your entitlement will hold you back. Just be the best you can be. Quit blaming your problems on us. If you were the best candidate, you would have been hired.

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