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TEXT TOPIC: Did you wait on a famous person at your job?

I own Vast Integration (audio video company) we got a call to come do a simple TV hang for Patrick Dempsey. He was super nice and really down to earth guy!

Neal McDonough at Applebee's - he was in tooele for the race track. The NICEST guy I ever met!

met John legend at the sandy Lowe's sold him a few turkey fryers--John legend was with Chrissy Teigen I think Her family was up in Park city

I worked on Gary Coleman's car. He was an ornery little guy. Hated getting his picture taken with a coworker.

Served Elle Fanning at Sundance. THE SWEETEST person. Invited me to a party that night & she treated me like a friend! Met lots of stars!

Tone loc – So nice – he walked into my work looking for a bathroom – I worked at the recorders office

worked at Larry H Miller Chevrolet years ago, like 2004. I was the service cashier. Jerry Sloan came in for an oil change. If I remember right, it was like a 1998 chevy ASTRO van. He waited in our waiting room. He was SO NICE ! Was very kind to everyone that wanted to come say hi!

work at a Subaru dealership and we sold post Malone a car he was so sweet and amazing.

did a tattoo consultation with a former Seattle Seahawks player in 2016 –Haylo

I waited on Karl Malone and Jerry Sloan multiple times. Karl was always super kind. Jerry was always rude but his wife was one of the sweetest ladies ever and always tipped very well. We were always grateful with his wife did the tipping

currently mow Mike Weir, Masters champion's lawn. He's the nicest guy as are his girlfriend and their kids.

I met Ryan Caraveo and me and my friend snuck past security To meet him and he was so nice about and signed our stuff and took selfies with us

Jerry Sloan & his family used to come into the restaurant I worked at. They loved our little family owned restaurant and were always so quiet & sweet

In college I waited of Stephen Covey (7 habits). He was a jerk. Not a win-win.

my wife went to Olemiss and worked at a restaurant down there, she waited on Archie manning, saw Tim Tebow at the restaurant and also waited on the family that the blind side movie was based on!

Dad worked for a shuttle company in st George. Picked up beach boys from airport and they were total jurks!! Acted better then everyone and didn't even tip the guy carrying all of their luggage. Acted as if it should have been a privilege to serve them. My dad felt bad and ended up tipping him.

When i worked at a restaurant at the gateway mall i waited on Mark Boone junior (sons of anarchy) and Trace Cyrus both really nice guys.

Cashed out Josh hartnett and his wife. When I was a cashier at Caputos back in 2016

I work for the California express lanes Matthew McConaughey called in to pay his payment and he was talking to me like a friend said he wanted to send me an autograph unfortunately I lived in Utah

I used to work for Lucky Brand at the Tanger outlets in Park City. Catherine heigl would come in every once in awhile and she was a freaking asshat. Just so snooty so entitled nobody was running up to her anything but she just acted like her crap didn't stink and for that reason it made her stink even more since then I haven't really cared much for her

years ago worked as a shuttle driver for all resort . I ended up picking up Captain Keith Colburn from deadliest catch. Took him to the airport.

served room service to The GOAT Kobe Bean Bryant on his last year playing in the NBA. Thank him for the memories and champions. I was born a raise in L.A so big Kobe Fan. So it was a big deal for me.

served Lou Ferrigno at cheesecake, he was nice. Sent back his broccoli for it now being soft enough though--also said the portions were too big. Haha

Back in the 80s my parents owned a restaurant in Utah county, used to have celebrities come in all the time. John Schneider, Robert Redford, Jane Wyman just to name a few.

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