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TEXT TOPIC: Did you find a dead body?

my husband died by suicide in 2010. I found him on the back porch of our condo. It's been 11 Years on June 25th, thank you ZHT for helping me raise funds for his funeral –Haylo

When I was a new police officer, we got dispatched to a suspicious camper fire in the mountains, and my supervisor wanted me to canvas the area, while walking through the trees, I saw some feet, dangling about eye level, I looked up and there was a deceased body hanging from a tree. Still haunts me to this day, never get those images out of your head.

had a renter commit suicide in the upstairs apartment, middle of July no AC on in unit. Found his body 3 days later

I walked upon a guy who had just shot homely in the chest. I was 18 at the time. It was down town by the old jail and courts.

My husband worked for animal control years ago. Got called out on a barking complaint. Arrived and could faintly hear a car running in the garage. He's a car guy.. knew it had been running and was about to die. Called the sheriff opened the garage and found a 30 year old man who had committed suicide. Same age as my husband and same last name. ??

was working MP on Camp Pendleton looking for a missing Marine, heard there was a personal vehicle on one of the remote ranges went to investigate first on scene saw the car had limo tint opened the door body was swollen like a ballon had been there several days. The smell was unimaginable. The wrecker driver popped him with a stick couldnt go near the car for over a hour

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