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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a crush on a co-worker or did you?

10yrs ago had a crush on guy at work. We lost contact. Reconnected last year, and just moved in together

ugh me. The single guy at work is my crush and I'm married. When people try to set him up with girls I'm like "ugh nooo you can't do that"

i started working at my job because a friend got me the job. I started to have a crush on her and now 5 years later we are married!

met my hubby working fast food in high school. Married 8 yrs this month

My previous boss at BYU. We would sneak off and make out in closets. We're both married now but he's still a good friend.

I liked my boss and even went to a work party for him. He blew me off at the party. Now we're married and happy.

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