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TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a close encounter with a wild animal?

Once in Montana I was fishing with my husband's family and a bear charged my husband. Luckily, their dog ran at the bear and distracted it.

my sweet dog Sicily malti/!poo got bit by an non venomous snake at Strawberry last July. We knew something happened but didn't realize this til we got home. Scary!!!

two years ago we went fishing in Tahoe, got attacked by a brown bear. Fortunately, no one got hurt.

2 moose bedded down in our cabin garage while we were working in the garage loft. Trapped right above them for 2+ hours while they got out of the heat. They were huge

You're right about cougars and even bobcats! I see them on the Ring app often---We're in Kaysville. West side of I15. I always wondered how the hell they got to and from the mountains on busy roads.

My old coworker was the viral picture that went around a few years ago of a woman taking a selfie with a bear. It was crazy!

When my husband was ten he was camping with his family and him and his cousin were playing on this bridge all day, they left for a few min for lunch and when they came back there was a huge snake pretending to be a log waiting for them to Come back and play. Luckily his uncle saw and pushed it off the bridge with a long stick

wildlife, Sunday we were out at Knolls and my friends 9yearold daughter was almost bit by a baby rattlesnake. I saw it lunge at her right as she screamed snake. My husband went over and yelled rattlesnake so I started throwing the dogs and kids in the trailer, I told him get the axe but my cousin ran up with the shovel and chopped its head off. Very close call!!

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