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TEXT TOPIC: How did you choose your baby's name?

my son Hugo is named after the Pumas soccer coach, and my 2nd sons middle name Alexander is from the cartoon "Puss in Boots" (humpty Alexander dumpty)

my sons middle name Jerek is for my favorite Baseball player Derek Jeter! My husband had no idea till later.

my sons name is Silas and I got it off the tv show Weeds over ten years ago when I was 14 at the time. It was my fav show! Lol

My daughter is named after her dad. The female reversed. He is Michael Angelo and she is Angela Michelle

we had 2 wks 2 find a name. Wnt frm a-z and settled on Zayden. His middle name, Evander,is a play on his birth moms nm

My oldest I got from Somewhere in Time. (McKenna). My youngest from a Qwest commercial that I only saw once. (Kasia) pronounced Asia with a K.

Logan Came from the movie wolverine from X-Men. And that was before we lived in Utah. So I had no idea there was a town thanks Logan

Adilynn Elaine Brenn Lynn after my sister, Elaine after my mom, Brenn after my hubby's grandmother. Both kids have two middle names.

Have my miracle baby named mira....since she's a miracle

We named our son Cash after my favorite singer Johnny Cash.

Brooklyn was the name of a girl that i dated b4 i met jenny and i never told jenny thats where i got the idea for brooklyns name lol

the now pregnant wife had a dream that she was getting the Name Willow tattooed on her so now our daughter will be named Willow

My son is named Joshua after the computer in War Games.

I dreamt my daughter's name twice. Her name is Starrnina (Starr nina). Her dad's nickname is nino and female version nina. Star just came to me.

named my daughter Leila because I love the Eric Clapton song but gave the spelling a Hawaiian flair

Alexander was my grandfather's fathers name and Jon after an uncle

my ex huge Yankees fan both my boys after Joe Dimagio, his son named Jeter and my youngest son Ty Cobb

my daughter ella is named after my favorite book growing up, Ella Enchanted

my son is named Steven, after my grandpa. His middle name is my husbands name.

my sons middle name is Lionel after the best player in the world Lionel messi

I named my son Aiden because of the movie the ring I just loved that name so I tell him I got it from a creepy movie LOL

I looooce the name Abi but not Abigail. So I came up with Abilee and she is now 8 and cute as shit

the book is a spin off of Cinderella. Look at how adorable my Ella is dressed up as Cinderella...

Emberly after looking at countless baby name lists on pinterest. Middle name Marie after great gma. Currently trying to figure out girl #2 name

my hubby wouldn't agree to any of my name suggestions for months I finally threw the name book at him and said YOU! He flipped it open & said Sierra

my gf had a girl name on lock but we had a boy. I named him Kade cause I loved the name but my gf wasn't sold so I wrote down 3 awful names and dumped them

we came up with the name of our youngest Son from the Knight of the old code, Bowen from the movie Dragonheart.

my mom had a best friend in kindergarten and that's where I got the name Tangee

I'm named after my great grandmother Violet

I named my son after Superman. Calell

my oldest Lindsay after Bionic woman Lindsay Wagne

Lincoln a late night infomercial for Lincoln logs, Acelynn winning money at poker night with multiple Ace high hands, expecting baby Holt any day to be named after the Notre Dame coaching great Lou Holtz

my mother in law liked the names Braxton and Brendon and got Brexton.

Tristen from A River Runs Through it.

Madilyn after the character in the book Big Little Lies, and our son is a third William Lee

brad of roy has daughter named kaylar, name from star trek next gen

our daughter is Ena Kathryn. Ena was my husbands late moms name and Kathryn is my mom

my sons name is brixton. Passed the potato place in Ogden and my husband jokingly said we should name him Brixton and we both loved it

my kids name is Ronix. We got her name from a wakeboard Company

My daughter is named Skyler from "Good Will Hunting"

my mom combined my dad's middle name Mark and grandpa's first name Marc to get my middle name, Marck.

Baby name: Luca. Picked it through Hillary Duff's sons name. I liked it and put it on our list and my S.O liked it too! :)

my daughters name is Mclairen. Her father is such a car guy and when I said we could name her Mclairen he finally got excited about having the third baby:) plus I really love the name Claire so I liked it too but shes called Clairen now mostly:)

My daughter was born 6 weeks early and was in NICU and was tiny. We named her Aleena. We came up with that name from the movie from Thumbelina!

daughters name is Aaliyah after the singer

my sons name is Revan from Star Wars I was elated

our sons name is Ledger. We are big fans of Heath Ledger

Bracken. Bra for grandpa brad c for my husband and ken for grandpa Kenneth (Wayne)

my sons name is Roczen. Got it from a motocross racer Ken Roczen

My son was born at 25 weeks/ 2 lbs. we named him Malik (maleek) which means little king

my daughter's name is Scarlett from Gone with the Wind because Scarlett O'Hara had some serious gumption!

Theo meaning gift of god

my mom named me Jennifer after the old show WKRP in Cincinnati

daughter is Kara Adele named after Supergirl Kara Zorel and her great gma Adele

My daughter is Leah Dakota. We chose Dakota because we are are blood of the Dakota Sioux nation.

sons name Keisel after Brett Keisel played for the Steelers

named my daughter Lexi After my brothers ex girlfriend named Lexi

my husband and his brother were both in the Marine Corps at the same time and their bond is amazing so we are naming our daughter after his brother. His name is Colin and we are naming her Collyns

wanted to name my son after my late brother Alex, my wife liked Kayden so we named our son Kaylex

I was set on naming my son Malakhi, but when I was about 6 months prego I heard the name Kenyon on the movie Coach Carter and it just hit me that, that was his name.

I named my daughter Tatum because..... well CHANNING=====He really liked the name then later on when she was like three months old we watched Magic Mike and he just looked at me and said ah, I see what you did there. We laughed. It was funny haha

After seven years found out we were having twins. Two girls named them Mia and Mira. Mia is my in Italian. Mira or Miraculo is miracle so they were named my miracle.

We were fighting over names for my youngest. Didnt know the sex. My ex wanted to name the baby Garth Brooks the our last name, if it was a boy! HUGE FAN!!! I love Garth, but HELL NO!!! It turned out to be a girl, her middle name is Brooke. Not a bad compromise.

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