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TEXT TOPIC: What is you Passive Aggressive text?

Hubby, I just want to be validated. I don't need you to agree or tell me I'm right. Just need to be heard.

I'm sorry, but I can't stand your dad. He is almost 50 and beyond childish and has no boundaries.

Self help books are for yourself. Please don't push your unsolicited advice on others

to the a- hole that honked at cars pulled off the road on 201 yesterday everyone is okay thanks for thinking because it helped so very much!!!

thank you for saying I am a glorified babysitter as a special Ed teacher. Here I was thinking it is a hard but important job. You make me so happy....

U want to send going solo vids to my hubs? After innocently introducing yourself to me 3 days earlier? NOT COOL!

To my brother's live in girlfriend. You don't own his house so don't be inviting people over to stay there without his permission while he is out of town.

Hubby - When im venting about my day, doesn't mean you need to compare yourself to me. Its NOT a competition!

Don't tell me you don't need my permission to message another woman. After 13 years and 2 kids, I'm pretty sure you need my permission.

we waited around, then u cancel After U were supposed to be there & made an excuse we know was a lie, we're done

don't say "we need to work on our relationship" & and then tell me you need to lose weight! 30years, 5 kids, and size 12.. NOT THAT FAT!!

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