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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have an unconventional pet?

I used to have a Silkie Bantam Chicken, Chanel, that was kept in the house. I even bought chicken diapers her her. Yes that is a thing lol

Growing up we had a spider the my mom found at her work. We took the spider to lots of experts and no one could classify what kind of spider it was---the spider wasn't too big. It was strong and had huge fangs. My mom works at the Tooele chemical depot so we always joked that it was a mutant spider.

daughter has Scorpions different kinds of spiders a bird spider that's huge, snakes and3 dogs

My grandparents use to live down the road from Doug Sues who owned Bart the Bear and Honey-Bump and a few wolves.

growing up we raised llamas. We would go back packing. People would walk their dogs in the neighborhood and I would walk my llama Roxy.

we have a chinchilla and a python! They are at opposite ends of the house ??

Had a black widow as a pet for a bit, her name was Tracy.

My dad had a praying mantis for a couple months that he would share his lunch with, he brought it home one day and it was huge

Had a large iguana who hung out on the shower curtain rod. Specializing in scaring the crap out of visitors.

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