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TEXT TOPIC: Why should you turn in your man-card?

my husband is not a handyman. I fix all the electronics, hang all the decor, and operate all the Power tools. His dad gave ME a tool box of tools for Xmas.

man card should be taken away if they wear make up and wear capris! ( Christopher Titus talks about men and capris in his comedy special)

My wife had to park my friends trailer. He wasn't able to back it into the camp spot, I was out on a razor ride so she backed in his trailer. Man card gone!!

For watching the Bachorlette and then talking about it at work every single week. Man card gone.

Dude I work with called a plumber on the weekend and paid $250 to have the toilet handle replaced. $10 part and 5 minute fix at the worst.

my mom 100% out grill/bbqs my dad ?? take that man card!!

He should give up the man card because he watches ALL the lifetime Christmas shows whether I am there or not

it's ok. I am 31, tattoos, dreads, nose ring, man features ......I know nothing about poker. And I mean nothing! Would rather play go fish.

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