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TEXT TOPIC: What do you wanna say or brag about when it comes to your kid?

I am one proud Mom. My son Kaden is graduating from American Fork High School tomorrow !!

I have received calls and emails from my daughters school saying she is such a good friend. She is inclusive and kind to everyone. Even the "hard kids."

proud of my 5 yr old girl. She's adjusted well to our 7 month old. Our baby just adores her and she's so sweet to him

both my son and my daughter are both getting straight As even though it's been a rough year with the school!

I am so proud of my daughter Carmin. She is graduating from Granger a year early. She received a full ride to Utah State, majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Psychology. She's going to make a difference with Alzheimer's.

My kids school had a lock down yesterday and I'm very proud that my oldest daughter does not have an anxiety attack because that is her biggest fear

my high functioning autistic son received 3 awards in his first year at junior high school

My daughter scored 2 goals at soccer last night! Woohoo!

My boys Kai and Krew are so smart!! Krew is only four and he is almost reading!! Kai is so smart with science

So proud of my daughter. She just started coach pitch baseball and is the best one in her team of all boys

Shout out to my youngest daughter and youngest son. Both have been accepted into their Master programs at the U of U. Hard work does pay off

proud of both of my boys. In their second seasons of baseball and have grown and learned so much. Older boy is tied for best batting average on his team.

My daughter is 27 and has her dream job. Also making lottts of money. Zero college. Just hard work.

My 7th grader was the only 7th grader in the school to receive a 3.5 or higher with proficiency grading this year!

I want to send congratulations to my stepson, Jordan Matthew Young, for placing 3rd in The Voice finale last night. From Danielle Young

so proud of my daughter she maintained a 4.0 all year even having Covid. And was inducted into the honors society not to mention one hell of a softball player. Way to go peanut

Proud of how confident my son is in his skin. He finally sees what a good person he is. It’s a wonderful thing to witness

A-arons son Tanner is graduating from Alta!! Proud parents!!

my little kinder had her end of year testing the other day and her teacher said she is ahead of the game for first grade! Even after having to quarantine for a total of 2 moths out of the school year.

I have 4 kids in their 20's and could brag all day. My son is working as an assistant superintendent at a golf course and so passionate about it it's contagious. I'm learning so much about grass!

My proud parent moment is when I found out my son has me stored in his phone as the GOAT

My sasshole 3 yr old daughter got up & ready for school without incident! It's most times a huge fight! Usually tears - her or me. She got up, dressed, ate & left smiling & waving!!

My son decided to follow his dreams and become an artist in the music world. He just recorded and dropped his first album called "Escape to Paradise"by KING BRING. GO honey!

so proud of 24 yo son! Got promotion yesterday into the writing dept at his firm -doubled his pay. Did this while working remotely. Nothing stops this kid!??

Our 5 year old JT is reading on a second grade level before entering kindergarten and also loves math and science.

a councilor once told me if your hearing from people outside your family circle that your kid is good etc means your raising them right. Because when they are home they are comfortable and know they get away with more stuff.

My son is only 7, but he is a gifted Psychic. I do readings professionally as a Psychic Medium, and he is stronger than I am. He has been talking to spirits since he was 2.

Carter graduating from Herriman High – 4 year letterman in Hockey

my 3 year old got captain awesome award at his preschool for being a caring and good friend and cheering on his classmates. Hes a single kid so it makes me feel good to know he has compassion

my little girl is finally potty trained!!!! She made it a month before her 4th birthday and I'm so proud! She has been so scared and got over the toilet fear.

My little boy Knox just graduated kindergarten his teacher said he is the best helper in school . We are heading to his kindergarten end of year test right now . A shout out would be awesome. Go knox!

proud of my son. He's finally starting up his own business in his 30's after becoming popular on tiktok. Being a mom, I think he's super funny on tiktok.

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