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TEXT TOPIC: Did your kid walk in on you and your spouse?

one time me and my husband were getting it on and next we our boy (wearing a dog suit) walked in on us and we both screamed.

i was at a sleepover and went home to get something.. walked in on my parents having a 3 some with this random guy. It was awful

My 17 year old walked in on us last month , and we are into some freaky BDM stuff.

my boyfriend's son walked in on us saying daddy daddy what's wrong, I don't want you to get hurt

we were living in an RV and our 10 yr old daughter unlocked the door and swung it wide open. Wife on all 4 at the end of the bed and I was standing if you know what I mean, no clothes. It was so close I could reach over and close the door without moving.

I was in high school and I walked into my parents room one night when I got home. They were under the covers luckily but there was a flurry of movement as they tried to act like nothing has happening

I walked into my parents when I was 17 or so. My mom was full on reverse cowgirl. Scarred me for life. But me being a smart-ass, i clapped and said way to go Dad

our 14 yr old now was 8 at the time UNLOCKED my bedroom door a walked in on dad and me. We just stopped came out of the bedroom like nothing was happening. We've never talked about it hes neve r said or asked anything. I wanna but don't wanna ask if he even remembers it.

my 12 year old daughter walked in on me eating my wife's salad

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