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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive Text?

Hey Mr Jeep and White VW there is no 2 turn lanes turning onto rosecrest from highfield rd in Herriman. Stupid entitled people!!

the mothers room is for mothers if you don't have the equipment don't be taking naps in the mothers room

thank u dumb contractors for stomping through my garden and ruining several vegetable plants

people turning left still have to yield to people turning right. Do we need to go back to drivers training?

hey friend clarify I am a sheep if I make my own decision and don't follow you like a sheep and get the vaccine. My choice jerk

I know the Pandemic restrictions are lifting but please give me my personal space. I don't want to hold your hand.

Hey lazy ass! Part of your job is to READ. Just bc I won't GIVE you the answer doesn't mean I'm not helpful.

When I have a table that runs me all over. 5 refills a person. Tells me thanks for my amazing service and than tips 10%

thanks fellow coworkers for taking advantage of jeans everyday by wearing leggings to work and losing jeans during the week for everyone.

I have to be vague with this but if someone is helping you out please be nice to them and not bother them for every little thing.

Excuse me ma'am that left turn light was red not flashing yellow you don't just get to choose to go

I asked ppl w/ no mask to put them on, I'm immune compromised and have been out 4 time since this started. It was when they were too close

To a certain ex boyfriend. Please please leave me alone. We are never getting back together. So leave me alone and go bother someone else.

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