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TEXT TOPIC: Break something and then fix it so no one would find out?

was house sittin & shattered the textured glass in a door, after findin a truck 2 take the door 2 a glass shop & $236 later no1 knew a thing

3 days after buyin my new car I curbed my black wheels, 2 keep hubby from razzin me I used sharpie 2 color it & 1yr later he still doesn't know

my son broke the head off my moms christus I glued it back on and still today she doesn't know. 20 yrs later....

Parents out of town. House party. Picture frame of liberty coins drips in jungle juice. Cleaned but definite line across image. Never noticed. Confessed 20 years later and showed the picture frame to prove it. Parents in shock.

stole my moms car while she was out of town. Crashed it. Skipped school finding a new headlight, glued the bumper trim back on and painted the white with puff paint. She found out years later when I was an adult

at an Airbnb in Oregon. Daughter was sitting on the bathroom sink doing her hair and the sink broke and disconnected from the counter. Hubby fixed it before we left. Scared we were going to get caught. Guess the fix held.

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