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TEXT TOPIC: Has a bird ever tried to snatch your pet?

eagle takes out mountain goat. They'll swoop down and grab a goat and drop them off the side of the cliff.. then go down and feast on dead goat

While irrigating the fields had to hit a bird with my shovel to keep it for getting my small dog.

My brother and I were sitting on the front porch talking and watching our mother when and her chicks cross the yard. So cute! Then out of no where, a hawk comes and grabs one of the chicks and we watch the mother when try and go after her chick. So sad.

sister lived off the Provo river and they had a bald eagle in their backyard they had a teacup poodle and it randomly disappeared one day, they figured it got taken by the eagle

We took our chickens to our cabin and one day when we arrived, an Eagle/hawk came down and took the head off one of the chickens and just finished her off

3 falcons using our nghbrs trees. I was mowing & our 12 lb dog was hiding in the bushes,one of the falcons on the neighbors roof. got dog to come out and go on the deck and the falcon swooped down landed on our roof even with me there with the weed wacker Dog was safe

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