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TEXT TOPIC: When is the last time you cried?

lasted time I cried was when my son was born 6 months ago. I'm a guy

last time I cried. When my daughters boyfriend had to put his sweet baby girl dog down. I love u remedy???

last time I cried: in public, when our childhood dog died nearly 20 yrs ago. Crying in private: last break up two years ago

I cried on Tuesday due my car getting a flat tire getting off the freeway

last time I cried was last weekend I know you're not suppose to bottle everything but just loosing my dad in January has been rough.

I cry all the time over everything, I'm so emotional drives my husband nuts. The last time was yesterday I got more work piled on and I got overwhelmed.

I cried yesterday, my 9 year old dog is going through some health problems.

I don't cry. But I did have an allergy moment several years ago when the damn dog on a Hallmark show died. Horrible allergy day

I cried three days ago. I work at a school and it's been a stressful year for us all. One week left... I can make it!

I cried this week because i'd love to start our family, but I know that my husband isn't ready yet. when the time is right, it will happen.

I cry daily I hold way to much sadness in my heart

last week, cried realizing I'm still going to be lovable even though I'm coming out as gay. My 2yo daughter has been such a help showing me love.

I cried when I had my second miscarriage this year

Yesterday. Feel like I'm failing my children as I figure out how to be a single mom after being with their dad for 8 years.

last month my moms bestest friend of 30 years died. At her funeral my mom broke down and it was the saddest thing ever. I'm crying now thinking about it

5 minutes ago my husband's stepmom just passed away yesterday they had to pull the plig

last time i cried was Monday during 911 el paso. Infertility is rough.

crying right now :') life can knock you down sometimes, but I'll get right back up every time.

Listening to American idols Willey Spence sing Glory. Powerful and emotional

April 18th my son was in major motorcycle accident walked out of the ER helmets save lives

everytime I go into the bathroom, I had to clean up my uncle's death mess in his bathroom so I can't use bath without crying.

i cried last night. This SAHM momma needs a break from all 4 kids

what the Hell Frankie! My tattooed, bearded, muscled ass is crying in my office. Damn allergies

cried yesterday. I have Fibromyalgia and I was in so much pain I couldn't handle it anymore.

last time I cried was yesterday because I watched a video of people getting sentimental gifts

cried yesterday at farmer and chemist in hopes it will help me

The last time I cried was last week. It was a very hard week. I lost a close friend who passed away. And then I ended things with my boyfriend

i cried last week when i feel that I'm losing my children and failing them.

last Thursday, my 15 year old cat was ill - wouldn't eat, wanted to be left alone, not at all himself and I thought I was going to lose him

cried on the 15th. It was my grandpas birthday who passed away last year..

Recent diagnosis with HIV, processing and accepting all of that.

yesterday at work when I heard Frankie's bro on the air!! God is great! The power of prayers is real????

I cried Monday because there has been a lot of hard things going on for me this year. Now I need to look for a new job and that added pressure.

2 weeks ago, it was my birthday and I was missing family members we lost to Covid

Mother's Day when my son goes to make me pancakes and got a 2nd degree burn on his hand.

I cry all the time especially those daddy come home commercials. My husband died 6&1/2 years ago (dad to my kid)

Cried last night. My 5 year old had a full on melt down at soccer (screams & all). Tried to calm him. Nope. Picked him up left. Emotionally spent today.

My son just picked up his cap and gown – crying

still cry off and on since my girlfriend broke up with me right after my birthday 6th months ago. I REALLY really miss her friendship more than anything

Cried yesterday when my mom is diagnosed with metastasis uterine cancer is moved to her lungs

I cry still every time when I think of my ex fiance even tho I'm in a new relationship and happy

cried yesterday in the bathroom at work, customers are so mean and forget we are human too

watching my 1st grand baby be born ????????

I cried hard 2 weeks ago when I told my husband I was done w/our dysfunctional marriage.

i cried the other day because my anxiety was bad

cried yesterday, fractured my foot in two places on my lunch break falling down...getting old

I'm a big dude, guns, trucks football, the whole thing. I cried during the last song in the greatest showman when they are singing in the bar.

cried yesterday looking through my kindergartners book of things done throughout the year. Pictures of him and projects got me.

the last time I cried was a few weeks ago when my grandpa passed away

cried yesterday buyers 4 our house backed out, but cried harder cause the reason they got unexpectedly approved to adopt & I was so happy for them

I cried yesterday because my sister in law is a mean mean lady. I hate her

cried at my 5 year Olds dance recital. She's the baby of the family. Bitter sweet to watch them grow!

the last time I cried was when my dad was in the hospital near death because of covid in December

My last cry was on Tues. I finally finished my Bachelor's degree and know my mom is proud of me in heaven

Cried at my son's preschool graduation when the teacher brought up her mom and how she would have loved to be there, because she was such a big part of the kid's lives. She did daycare with her mom and she found her unresponsive at daycare Feb 2020. Julie is one of my top missed people.

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