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TEXT TOPIC: What is your unbelievable story?

I was fired for making a typo. It sounds unbelievable but my boss was mentally unstable

mom held at Gunpoint in our garage from one of the kids I was in a class in high school at the time. He was high

My dog was hit by my school bus when I was a kid. My dad buried him, and that weekend we went out of town..

When we came back, our dog was on the porch waiting for us. He had just been knocked out, and climbed himself out of the ground

walked out into my garage with my 3 &1 year olds and found a lady in my car! Tried to chase her to get my stuff back but had to protect my babies!

We were camping and one of the girls fell asleep in a chair and woke up to a lady taking her cigarettes from her bra

I got robbed in broad daylight back in 2010, I was a manager for a small company and I was picking up store deposits to go to the bank. Guy came in from behind my car as I'm trying to get in and demands my purse, where I have all the cash. My stupid self says no, so he gets anxious and hits me in the head with a gun. After investigating, it turned out he was my bosses cousin and he was sent to rob me so he could file an insurance claim for the money.

I woke up in the middle of the night to a live bat on my leg!! It was in my apartment. It then went missing for several hours. My dog sniffed it out in another room, killed it and sent it in to be tested for rabies. It was negative thank god.

I live on the 3rd floor of my building and someone was knocking on my door and I opened it and this guy that was messy looking asked me let him in because someone had a gun downstairs. I shut the door and locked it and he could have easily pushed through. They drove off in a truck I had not seen around here before

unbelievable we found out my sister isn't our dad's bio child my dad is suing the biological father for emotional damages

my dad was 16 & had an encounter with the zodiac killer while camping. Just him and his little brother. Didn't know til years later after watching America's most wanted

last summer randomly had a kitten show up in our couch couldn't find it but continually heard it and it would disrupt my sleep, husband finally found it and he and dogs tried to chase it out

I took a job promotion in Oregon. My now ex-wife stayed in Utah for our kids to finish out the school year. I got a cheap flight home for the weekend I was going to surprise them. To my surprise I walked in to our condo there was a dude at my table pouring himself a bowl of cereal. I look down the hall and my ex-wife looked at me with a look of oh crap! In that moment it was either I kill this dude or I leave. I left my son said I'm going with you dad. My ex-wife came out screaming at me that this was my fault for showing up, to my own house.

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