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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Dear Co-Worker text?

Dear co worker, quit driving the gossip train and mind your own business! This is not the way to get people to like you

dear coworker thank you so much for all your help learning the new system we are switching to.

Dear Coworker, it's none of your business if I'm getting the shot or not. I have medical issues so I can't get it. So worry about yourself.

dear coworker.... why do you type so FREAKING LOUD. STAHP!!!!

Dear Co-worker stop with the same old stories

Dear Coworker, Thank you for listening to me and being my work sister. I will never forget you.

dear co worker if you're hacking up a lung take your sick ass home. We don't need to get sick!

Dear co worker stop trying to shame me into getting a vaccine. I don't tell you to go on a diet don't tell me what to do with my body

Dear coworkers, transitioning to new company is hard enough, those at the top, nice way to make sure we KNOW you've got the big money, inside info & private parties. You treat us like crap

dear coworker, you don't pay me enough to work beyond my normal hours. You might like to work all day every day but that's not me. I'm good.

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