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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your radar?

radar-podcast Counterclock, true crime about family massacre. released whole season 3 at once on April 30, so binge it. makes it easy to remember what's going on. has twist and turns. Talks about Fort Myers FL for a min

The Morning Show! With Jen Aniston, and Reece .. it is soooo good!! Great writing, and just hooks you from the beginning!! It's on AppleTV+

Chet Faker – Artist

The Grand America staycation

Meadows Crystals

Sapori's Italian Bakery in Ogden on 24th has the best pastries!

what's on my radar London belle this is a great bar and it also has great food there brunch on Sundays is amazing

rewatching FRIENDS in preparation for the reunion special on May 27th.

cold season 2 episode 8 is now available for free on amazon music! Justice for Joyce! Love you guys!

Owala free sip water bottles are absolutely amazing! Local company and great product!

Arrested Development

Utah Rustic Furniture by Bradley

Heber Senator Bed and Breakfast

The book Untamed by Glennon Doyle. Inspiring, raw and life changing. A must read!

On my radar is Love after addiction podcast. It's about loving and living with and alcoholic

sleep. Can't seem to ever get enough of it

country singer Kane Brown

Front Perch Chicken food truck in the Sanpete/Sevier County area has the best chicken sandwiches

Binge watching game of thrones again. So I can be disappointed with season 8 again

Royally sweet co cookies - freaking fabulous!

Moxie weighted blanket help me sleep and Helps me deal with my stress and anxiety

Been reading Open Book by Jessica Simpson. I really am enjoying it.

Ardu Recovery in Provo. They saved my life from addiction and I now work there. Please reach out. You are not alone.

Locke & Key on Netflix. Trippy show!

watched The Serpent on Netflix based on true crime

Wendy's breakfast! sandwich and the yummy seasoned potatoes. They're so addictively good!

The Siren on Hulu so amazing binge watched the 1st season in a day

Bucked Up, they are UT local. They have amazing energy drinks, workout supplements and great attire. They also have supplements for pregnancy.

Awesome band my coworker turned me on too. Citizens Cope. Awesome music.

What's on my radar shadow and bone TV series on Netflix there's truly nothing like it. It's so good

my on my radar is Frankie at the lifetime store on Memorial Day!! I've listened since his day 1 and hoping to get to meet him then!

Jess start with Greenlights Matthew McConaughey does the audio book OMG delicious way to get you hooked.

Cold podcast is on my radar. It is so so good! Season two is out now on Amazon music

I recently found a local police officer who is HILARIOUS! He's on social media (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc..) under the name "Officer Nae Nae". I love his content!!

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