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TEXT TOPIC: What do you want to do but your spouse is like, NO WAY!

I want to go to a nude beach but does not - Tell your listener we have a whole club of nudists in Utah that would be happy to go with her to the nudist beach.

I want to foster and be a surrogate mother but my guy isn't ok with it.

skydiving! Wanted to do it for our 5th anniversary next month and he says absolutely NOT!

I've always wanted to go on a ghost hunt, 2 scared to go alone. I think hubby's scared too, but won't admit it lol

My husband wants to go skydiving and he wants me to go. Yeah not happening.

I want to go on a cruise but my hubby is deathly afraid of water. He refuses to get on a boat

i want to see an Arora with my wife. I told her maybe for my 50th, go to Finland and stay in glass igloos

I really want to start eating healthier and exercising. Husband refuses to even talk about it.

kindof R-rated but my husband wants to add a 3rd person into the bedroom just one time and im against it. Hes been pushing the subject for almost 9 years.

my hubby wants a boat. I mean he reeeeaaaalllyyyy wants a boat! But living in Utah, the expense and upkeep to only use it 4-6 months out of the year doesn't make sense! No boat (yet!)

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