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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT you want to share?

Do you have a husband leave my boyfriend alone

sick of my vaccinated hubs giving me poo that I'm not ,thinks he's better

To the hostess: I would love to be happy and eat amazing Mexican food but you're depressing breakup songs playlist isn't for work

Good God, we're SOCIAL WORKERS. How did you make it this far without learning anything about empathy?

coming out of a store... cars are waiting for you to cross. Not a Sunday stroll and for the love don't cross diagonal!

my husbands adult daughters are obsessed with selfies. Pregnant ones in bikinis are my least favorite

to the maskhole that yelled at me for wearing a mask in a casino! Mind your business I'm not fully vaccinated!

PSA gen z learn proper airplane exit etiquette! Wait your turn! You aren't the only ones who want to get off the plane!

to coworkers who weren't pulling their own wait with remote work, you can't even be lazy without showing it, come on!

I'm done with everyone that doesn't want kids, yet they can get pregnant so easily.

to my mowing customers, stop coming out when we come to mow your lawn. I don't get paid to talk to you

Dear Co worker.. take a deep breath. You do your job and I'll do mine.

"Dear co-worker" stop taking credit and/nor changing other people's work. You suck and nobody likes u anymore in the team

rudeness and being ungrateful is a learned trait. Act like a parent and be thankful for people who help you.

boss,I manage 2 processes,I'm a manager not "analyst".Promote me already,other companies r calling.

to the lady that wasn't satisfied with her home cleaning but decided to tell me two weeks later and have the nerve to say I had to fix it and give her her money back and call me a fraud ?? stick it where the sun don't shine

To a certain ex boyfriend. Leave me alone. We've been done for over a year. I'm not crawling back to you.

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