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TEXT TOPIC: What is your celeb hall pass?

I get Machine Gun Kelly or Kellin Quinn, my boyfriend gets Megan Fox or Katelynne Quinn. It worked out quite nicely---Kellin Quinn is the lead singer of Sleeping with Sirens. Katelynne Quinn is his wife, she's an Instagram model

My celebrity hall pass is Julia Roberts! My wife has a weird one.... Some guy named Zachary Efron?? Hahahaha

Ryan Reynolds, even tho my husband never agreed that I can.

For me: Blake lively Rachel mcadams For her: Michael b Jordan Ryan gosling

my husband and I call it our 'laminated list' Mine...Jason Mamoa, Dave's Beckham, Nelly His...Kate Beckinsale, Ali Krieger (professional soccer player)

Mine is Dolly Parton and hers is Jason Aldean. We are in our 30s.

Celebrity hall pass Angelina Jolie made it on mine and Ryan Reynolds in on my wife's

Mine is Kate Mura hers is George Clooney

Matthew McConaughey is mine, love his drawl, and abs. Hubby's is Julianne Hough. I get mad at his cause her fam is from here and it could happen for him.

my hubby and I have a list of 5 hall passes but his number 1 is Salma Hayak and my number 1 is Will Smith

I have the biggest crush on Trump (I'm 36) My hubby's is J-Lo. He wants to be a part of the love triangle going on.

Halsey for me and Channing Tatum for the wife

I am a 44 year old lady. I'd hook up with Sam Elliott in a second if I had the chance. That voice. Oh. Em. Gee.

Tom welling for me and Monica Belluci for him

my girlfriends are shamar Moore(can't spell), Hawkeye mine is gal gadot

mine is Christian Bale and Jessica Alba - his is Jessica Alba we all win lol

My husband's crush is Jennifer Nettles

Mine is Hugh Jackman and my husband is Kate Beckinsale and Natalie Portman.

my hall pass is without a doubt Doug Heffernan!!!

Kellin Quinn is from Sleeping with Sirens and Kaitlyn is his wife. My top is Jake Gyllenhaal and my fiance is Alyssa Malano. (Kellin is also on my list)

Eva Mendez

ariana grande. Oh good lord that woman lights my fire.

Eva Mendez Dwayne Johnson (the rock)


Selena Gomez. Oh my he'll. Sproing!

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