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TEXT TOPIC: Are you living with your ex?

my ex was homeless and I didn't think it was safe for him to have our kids for his parent time. So, he lived in my basement.

my ex husband's family would have caused a huge scene if they knew about the divorce. So we completed the whole divorce while living together. Once it was final, I git a place and moved out before we told anyone. When the found out they list it and tried to put their nose where it didn't belong as figured and were pissed it was done and they didn't have a say on what happened. So mad that it caused us to not be able to co-parent anymore.

tried to live on separate floors as we were divorcing until I woke up to him doing inappropriate things to me while I was sleeping. Had to get a restraining order. His parents gave him 5 days to live with them and get his shit straight. He is still there 11 yrs later. At least he isn't my problem

my cousin and her exhusband are still living in same house with their 2 teenagers. Ex husband is marriage and family therapist

Currently living with mine. We both don't want to break the lease and waste the money, so we're stuck in the same house until November.

I had to live with my ex we were separated and he lost his job. We were trying to sell our house and it took about 6 months. We had to wait to sell to each get our own places. It was horrible!!

I lived in the guest bedroom during our separation/divorce process and one night my ex stumbled in drunk and "I said if your not here for breakup sex just leave" ?? breakup sex is the best closure on a relationship ??

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