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TEXT TOPIC: What happened over the weekend?

how bout them jazz as #1 in the whole nba

Weekend was amazing! I celebrated my one year sober bday on Sunday!!!!

went on a walk and got stuck outside during a serve thunderstorm

Weekend Staycation at The Grand America!

Celebrated my bachelorette party up in Park city with 13 of the most wonderful human beings on earth

bought a new car.

we had to put our 18 year old kitty to sleep. We're heartbroken

finished my full sleeve tattoo this weekend.

We were in VEGAAAAAASSSS!!!! hate going back to work after a vacation...

this weekend we put an offer on our first house!

went to bricks corner for the first time and developed an inappropriate relationship with pizza

booked a trip to LA with my dad and brother to attend the rams vs bears for the NFL opening night! So pumped! Go bears!

I broke my foot for the 4th time in as many years. Finding out today if I need surgery

took my daughter and a bunch of her friends to Moab for her 13th birthday. Watched sunset at Delicate arch

have my 3 great nieces horse rides

This weekend I bought the new tablet/laptop combo I've been wanting. I love it! Though I am having a bit of buyers remorse because I spent waaay more than I planned to.

Visiting my dad in the hospital. He's diabetic and had an infection we thought they were going to have to amputate but he gets to keep everything and find a new lifestyle!

Got our luke Combes tickets over the weekend. The show is in September!


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