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TEXT TOPIC: Are you in touch with your ex?

my boyfriends ex/child's mother is living with him because she had nowhere else to live

my wife & I were playing a drinking game over the weekend and we both were pretty intoxicated- we ended up calling our ex's for the game ?? Luckily we are both on decent terms with our ex's... still regretting the call though!!---the game prompted us to call them to see if they ever cheated. They both said no, neither of us believe them though ?? We got both Calls on video because we knew we would have to revisit it once sober! Always a shiz show with us ??

dated a guy in high school for 2 months and he kept reaching out to me for TWO YEARS after our breakup even though he broke up with me

X wont leave alone. She got in new relationship, still talked 2 me everyday, got jealous if I dated. new fling broke upw/her, expects me to comfort her.

my ex lives in my house.

my mom is married to my dad, but has been in contact with her ex boyfriend since I was in high school. She has never gotten over him, and texts him, keeps up with him on Facebook and drives past his house all the time. If his kids were doing a fundraiser, my mom was the first to support. It has always made me uncomfortable

ex reached out to sell me marijuana, immediate block

My ex is with someone but when he drinks he calls me to hook thanks

broke up with a guy due to drinking and emotional issues.. he calls or texts every few months. It's been 8 years.

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