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TEXT TOPIC: What is the craziest thing you've hit with your car?

We hit a loose horse on a dark country road. We should have died.

Was test driving a new car, a guy on a motorcycle had a frozen turkey strapped on his back seat. Getting on the freeway it came off and I hit it

I hit a weed eater on the 15

my sis ran over frozen butterball Turkey in the middle of the road. She thought it was a bag of clothes. Best part is; she called animal control #facepalm

My husband was in the military in TX. Riding his bullet bike (fast of course) and hit an armadillo. Road rash EVERYWHERE!

my bf hit a bear while working in Yellowstone

Driving down Daniels canyon one morning and a turkey flew out. Hit our windshield and shattered the right side of it. I had glass all over me.

All within 1 year a tire fell out of the back of someones truck and hit my car, a raccoon came out of nowhere and I ran over it, and a deer jumped out and hit my car (totaled it!) But the weirdest was a 55 gallon water barrel flew out of the back of a work truck and I could only swerve a bit and it hit the right side of my car and scraped down the whole side! (All on the I-80)

while entering a freeway, at night, I hit a family of raccoons. I saw an big/adult raccoon running acrossed in front in front of me. It was on a curve, and I didn't even see it as I was accelerating, when I did it was too close! As I breaked and rolled over, I realized the adult had three or four babies with her as well! I pulled over and just cried! I felt so bad!

my mom hit a kid on a bike and she sat and was crying and screaming and he popped up and took off while his tire was now oblong he was pushing through and driving it - I had to stop her from crying - we caught up and asked if he was ok and he wouldn't talk to us. Haha

on my way home from Wyoming on I-80 my dad hit a porcupine. There were spines poking out of the tire all over but didn't go flat!

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