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TEXT TOPIC: What are you worried about when it comes to your kids?

Son has a Autism spectrum disorder but is high functioning, in high school doesn't have many friends but really wants them how do I help him

My ten year old has severe depression and anxiety. He's only 10! "As a mom your only as happy as your least happy child." So tru!

I am worried my son won't graduate, it's crunch time all assignments are due Sunday at midnight and he has 2 classes to half make up. Cross your fingers he can do it. Cause all his announcements and party has been put together. I know he can do it. Go Brayden.

Our son is in 2nd Grade, and has been getting bullied. We are trying to teach himself to defend himself but he is just so sweet.

worried about my son graduating and starting a new chapter in his life and becoming an adult.

Our Daughter is 14 and in high school. She isn't making friends with good kids. Don't know how to intervene.

I am CONSTANTLY worried about my kids being safe and well adapted when I am not around. I want to be around them ALL. THE. TIME to protect them from the world

being a single my kids weight, their school work, their sports. Also puberty with my 2 boys.

Woke up to a note on my son's bedroom door stating "I'm having an existential crisis! HELP!!!" He's only 11. Beyond worried

I'm worried my 15 year old is going to drop out of school....I can't get her to go and she does "some work" online but I know it's not enough.

I'm worried my kids going to drink or do drugs. Addiction is very strong in my family. I know they will probably try but I'm terrified.

My babies are still little, 3&5 but I worry if they'll make good friends, if their hearts will get broken, just the 24/7 natural mama instinct to protect

I worry about my children being of color, I know last year really put people in perspective but my babies are still getting bullied about it

I just told my grown child we worry 37 hrs a week. They said, that's a full time job! I said yes. Well they misheard me and thought I said complaining about...when I corrected and said worrying they minimized it, no longer a ft job

My 19 yr old son has no ambition to find a career he wants to do or what he wants to do in life. He likes to party and I'm worried he will stay that way. He's so intelligent and he's wasting it all. I don't know what to do.

What dont I worry about. I have 6 kids ages 15 down to 2. Boys and girls. Im a widow. I WORRY ABOUT EVERYTHING! From raising them to be good men to worrying if my girls will turn out to be strippers since there is no father figure.

Worried about my sweet adult daughter. Her older dog has cancer and just had surgery. She has the most tender heart and I'm so afraid for her when her dog passes whether it's now or in a year from now. Her dog is her baby! ??

ADULT kids with jobs, marijuana and lack of parenting.

The worry never ends. Did I do enough. Especially when they are living in the basement with wife and their kid.

my son has learning usability and one is social. He doesn't have friends now and I'm so worried he won't have friends in the future, that he'll love with us forever, and not get married. I just wsnt him to have one good, best friend.

my daughter is almost 13 and I worry about her and self image. She nitpicks her body and has stopped eating breakfast. Her friends are the same size/body shape but she sees the skinny girls. I just worry.

worried about my graduate going to another country for graduation with a couple friends. Thank god one friend parents are going... I know they will be fine.. just not being there for "just in case" issues... ugh

worry about my baby girl growing up in a world of mass shootings, police violence, countries At war. I want to protect her at all costs but some things you just can't.

my 2 year old has autism and I have so many worries. Big ones are his tendencies to run away and play in water. What if he runs into the street or falls into a pool or stream?

I worry about my daughters friend who at 12 and is already in a controlling relationship and what type of cycle this is starting for her, but grateful my daughter can see the issue this is and is willing to talk to me about it. Being a parent means you care and worry about every kid that comes through your door.

I am so worried about my sons mental health and suicide is such a big trend right now. He cuts alot and i lose so much sleep over this every night I'm always checking on him.

just came out mom had an affair for years on my step dad. She just left him for a third man. She's an alcoholic. I worry that I won't raise my kids better.

multiple 37 hours a week by 4 grown kids and 10 grandkids ????

I am worried about my 12-year-old bonus son who's been doing online school and earlier this year his computer was flagged for searching how to kill himself he keeps telling his mom he wants to come live at our house and she says no and keeps canceling his therapy appointments. I mostly wish he had someone to talk to

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