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TEXT TOPIC: Something guys do that isn't as attractive as they think?

when men hold their junk in a dating picture #notattattractive

I took my man's man card when he pierced his belly button

rev their car/truck or blowing black smoke. It's not attractive, just a public display of you being a jerk.

men walking around naked

Cat calling! You'll have no chance with me if you try to get my attention by cat calling.

When they dance around naked and shake stuff in your face like that’s what you’ve been wanting all day

Whoever decided it was sexy when you "flex " your ego to show..... dominance, or why ever you do that, um it's not! You look like cave men!

D pics

not attractive. A wallet FULL of credit cards. Trying to show how rich you are, ya a damn fool you're in debt!!

when guys dye their hair!

when they brag about how many women they been with thinking it's cute

The naked woman outline truck window stickers are not attractive

pants that are falling off your butt. It's funny seeing you try to run though

When men at the gym feel the need to lift weights that are way to heavy for them. Not attractive

if u have a mean mug face in the pic. I like a smile

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