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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar?

The Mosquito Coast on Apple+ is great!

Podcast Mocktails, cocktails and murder! Two sis. Drinks and a case usually murder. They live in Utah and just getting started!

Hruska's Kolaches! Featured on Diners drive ins and dives. I went there this morning and IT WAS SO GOOD!!!

The Philly cheesecake parfait from maverick. It's DELICIOUS!! Hard to find cause they go fast but so yummy!!

St. marks hospital

Tuscany Restaurant

The 4 commitments – Mark Eaton

ZZ top doc – that little ole band from texas


cold season 2 episode 7 is now available for free on amazon music! Justice for Joyce! #someoneknowssomething!!

Very Scary People Hosted by Donny Wahlberg on Hulu. It's a show about different serial killers BTK, Zodiac,etc.

Jess you would like this podcast it's 9021omg

Shadow and Bone!!!!

documentary on Netflix called I am a killer

on my radar. The Sons of Sam: A Descent into darkness Awesome show

The show Hoarders. It makes me want to get rid of everything!

podcast Crime Junkie's newest episode is about a missing SLC girl Rosie Tapia's cold case that has new evidence after 20 years.

Paper Quilling is on my radar

for my radar it's mainly musicians like palaye royale, the dead deads, halestorm, and so forth

Disney loungefly bags I'm obsessed

who killed Sara on Netflix

The Dodo in Holladay is amazing. Highly recommend!

Corner bakery Cafe Carols Pastry Shop Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade

I second Center For Change for eating disorders. I went there about 12 years ago for anorexia and it changed my life

The Piketon Massacre. It is wild!!! 8 members of a family killed. Season 2 starts today.

Books by author Nina walker! Sooo freaking good! she's a Local utah, bestselling YA/fantasy author

outlanders. So into it now

On my radar is Ted Lasso with Jason Sudekis on Apple TV is great!!!

1-2-3 Magic it's a book that teaches you how to handle difficult children. Children with mental health issues like ODD, ADHD, and autism

book-Grad school essentials-a crash course in scholarly skills. A must read if going to school, recently started grad school and it's helped tremendously but wish I would have read this freshman year of college, would have saved me so much time!

What's on my radar, a empowerment training called Be You Training. 3 part training that challenges you in many different ways. Can help improve your finances, personal relationships with yourself and others in your life. I took the training in 2001. Changed my life for the better.

my radar Office Ladies podcast and Taste Of India restaurant. Tried for first time and hooked! ??

on my radar, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on History channel. The 2nd season just started; so intriguing

I'm super late, but I just started watching The Handmaid's Tale and I cannot stop! Horrifying... but so good.

The podcast, And That's Why We Drink. Two women, two stories, one murderous, one paranormal. Loving it. So much crazy all wrapped into one podcast.

Steve the foody fellowship talked about it, and we tried it out. Food Truck League. Follow them on Insta.-- They all are at different spots in the valley during the week. We follow them around to try different trucks.

New Mighty Ducks series on on Disney+! #kidatheart

This Argentinas best empanadas in downtown it's delicious Every day

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