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TEXT TOPIC: What excuse did you use to get out of a ticket?

One time I got pulled over but got out of the ticket due to the weed I had. The court decided to only ding me for one at a time

Officer, my wife is getting pregnant in 15 min and I have to be there! Yes it worked!!

I usually just cry. Got me out every time lol

street racing another car back in 2004. Cops lit us up, the other car took off, I pulled over. I told the cop the other car was trying to fight, I was scared. Cop let me go

It wasn't an excuse, I told the cops I'm so sorry but I'm going to have explosive diarrhea. He laughed & told me to drive safe & sent me on my way

Acted like foreign exch. student. I'm Japanese & can do accent to a T!Told my friend go w/it!Said she was letting me drive 4the American experience

I just very politely challenged the cop I am pretty sure that he let me off just so that he wouldn't have to show up in court

told the cop i was rushing to get tampons! ?? he was like .... yup... just go! I've never seen a cop get back in their car so fast.

My daughter was in the passenger seat on a Zoom call for school and I told the officer that my daughter lost connection and I was hurrying to get to where we had better internet. It didn't work! Lol

the cold podcast is on my radar. It is so good.

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