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TEXT TOPIC: What did your parents hide from you as a kid?

parents hid that my aunt took her life b4 I was born. Extended fam struggles with mental health so I feel like hiding it just makes it worse

My parents got pregnant before they were married. When I got pregnant out of wed lock it was like the end of the world. Hypocrites.

my dad found out that my grandma (his mom) was adopted after she died. She didn't tell any one of her kids her entire life

My parents hid that I was born in Mexico, always told me I was born here. When I applied for a job at 16, surprise! Im not a U.S. citizen. It has been a hassle

mom told me at my engagement party with my girlfriends that (my mom was drinking) that my dad had gotten fixed right before she found she was preggo with me and that he was livid and didn't want me.

My mom and step dad smoked pot. The whole time. 7 years old to 16 when I found out... I didn't talk to her for a month. I found it and had no idea what it was. My brother told me and I was devastated.

My mom had my oldest sister with one man. Then she met my dad and had another baby. Gave baby 2 up for adoption. Then had me 5 yrs later. No one told me I had a full sis until 21!!!

Family is Mormon & my mom hid that my dad was an alcoholic for 35 years. I suspected he drank & saw him drunk, but never knew it had been going on that long. All of my relationship issues stem from their dysfunctional marriage which I didn't realize until I was 40.

My parents divorced. My dad made it seem like it was all my mom not wanting to work on things and wanting out after almost 30 years. I hated my mom. Sided with my dad. A few years ago my mom told me the truth. He cheated on her for over a year. I was crushed. I treated her like shit and in all she was the victim of his actions. I can't apologize enough to her. Him and his new wife still won't admit it. I'm over 40. I want the F'N truth.

family never told me that my sis was not my full sister, but my half. Friend ended up telling me. We are obviously related, but hated that they lied

my husband found out his mother had opened accounts like credit and utilities under his name when he was a young teenager. He found out in his early 20s when he was getting bills and statements of non payment for thousands of dollars.

learned so much about my mom after she died. Shopping addict, in multiple abusive relationships really weird hat collection lol

my uncle committed suicide and that's all we were told. Years later I learned he had HIV and was too sick to want to live

My grandpa cheated on my grandma and had a secret child no one knew about. She found us last...a year full of surprises

Found out back in Detroit my Gma killed my abusing Gpa 6 rounds w/ 12 gauge. Only did a year until was ruled self defense

my grandma had 6 kids. Find out 50 years later there are 4 different fathers from affairs. Ancestry tests have revealed a lot.

My mother got pregnant with me out of wedlock, pawned me off as another man's child, I have his last name on my BC but no father is listed. They split up when I was a few months old (he found out) learned who my bio father was at 18ish but wouldn't give me his name by the time I found him he had passed away. So pissed I never got to meet him

my husband's parents never told him that his older brother had a different dad. She told him when he was 23, he was surprised but not upset.

Mom attempted to commit suicide and tried to take me with her when I was super young.

Parents married for 36 years and divorced because he was having affairs since day 1

I was 14 when I found out my "half brother" wasn't really my dads son. My "brother" told me himself and I asked my mom, she didn't know either. My dad sat us all down the next day and apologized. Crazy thing is even the ex had been telling my mom the son was my dads. They both deceived her. I'm 28 now still upset about it.

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