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TEXT TOPIC: Who messed up your Mother's Day?

from my husband nor two children!? Kind of hurt!

my mom invited her cheating boyfriend that we all hate

I f'ed up me and my kids leaving to go out to lunch and I backed right into my daughter's car

A sushi place - Our service was awful and from start to finish we were there from 515-8!! Will never go back again! Worst Mother's Day ever!!!!

My spouse refuses to say happy Mother's Day or buy any gifts as I am not his mother- even though we have 4 kids together.

Hubs RUINED it! said I'm not his mom "so what else do you want". 12 years WTF!!! BUT guess who gets spoiled for Fday!

My cousin who is my BFF got her first Mother's day in 5 yrs from the hubby. I'm usually the only one who does anything for her.

my ex texted me on mother's day to say "if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be able to celebrate the day so you're welcome" p.o.s.

got my 2nd COVID shot the day before and felt crappy all day

Was emotional missing my Mom who died 2 years ago and my SOB father in law makes his annoyance with me known because I don't fall in line with the group.

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