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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT?

pay attention to the road and quit f’ing up traffic for everyone else

Slow people stay out of the left lane!! This morning was the worst because of slow people going 65 in the left lane!!

That damn Tate McRae song. Girl sounds like she needs to blow her nose, can't stand it

Why if you spend the time to pick up the poop in a little bag do you leave it on the trail people throw your ....stuff away

hey mother in law maybe if you didn't talk crap about me your son would visit you for Mother's Day

I wish I could tell my friend that she shouldn't marry her boyfriend of two weeks because he is only doing it for the green card!

When you mess up, it's ok to say sorry to those you hurt instead of making a vague Facebook post trying to look like you're growing as a person.

I've been at the ER since 1am, please only go to ER with Emergencies. Wait to go to Instacare with lesser injuries and illnesses

I don't wanna sleep with you I've told you that many times can you leave me alone now

It’s breakfast! Not brunch. LOL!!

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