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TEXT TOPIC: Was your home broken into?

we had a break in while we were moving between homes. I felt so violated and heartbroken. He stole a family heirloom that can never be replaced.

house got broke in to, the found my two k9 Belgium Malinois, came home to find lots of blood in the basement , saw the cameras. And was scary and funny

I had a break in while I was home the dude attacked me my 90 lb Pitbull bit him in the butt he ran off called the police the only reason the police found him was because of the bite mark on his butt.

our house was robbed in the middle of the day in the summer! They stole jewelry, electronics, all my husbands baseball hats, and all his Nike shoes. ransacked the entire house and even emptied my daughters piggy bank

Broke lock on the gate. Came in thru doggy door. Stole some stuff. My husband saw him on camera and called police. Guy saw camera and put his head down and ran out. Police didnt care it was on video. Never caught the guy.

my family home of 20+ years was broken into twice, thankfully it was just the vehicles each time. They cut my dads truck up to get the TVs out of the seats as well as the DVD player. The second time my mom was home alone. They moved two years ago.

my dad was out of town, so me and my brother were sleeping on the floor in my moms room and my sister was in the bed with her. My mom kept waking up to my sister being on the floor so she kept moving her back into the bed. Finally after the third time of this happening she couldn't figure out why she kept falling off the bed, so she looks down at the bottom of the bed and sees a white thing. She was thinking did I leave a pile of sheets there? And then he stood up, he was spraying ether in my mom's face and moving my sister onto the floor. My mom yelled get the gun, well we didn't have a gun but I got up and grab the lamp and chased him out. Luckily he ran and my mom called the police. I know this sounds unbelievable but this really happened!

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