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Help Mom of 3 from Property Loss from Fire

Imagine paying for renters insurance with your rent, thinking your coverage is $15,000 to find out coverage fine print is only covered at $3,000 and instead of helping you replace the new furniture, clothes and toys you purchased for your family...the insurance company is forcing you to CLEAN the toxic, black soot off these items because you already exceeded your policy after staying in a hotel for 2 weeks. And if that doesn't sound bad enough, the apartments are forcing you to move Mother's Day weekend or pay another month's rent!

Also, if you would just like to buy her what her and her family needs, here is a list!

·Bedding for 2 twin beds & 1 king (sheets, pillows, blankets etc.)

·Bathroom items (towels, washcloths, shower curtain, rugs)

·Children clothing (Girls) sizes 3T,5T,6/7 shoe sizes 6,9,13 (shoes, socks, shirts, bottoms, pajamas etc.)

·Kitchen items (dishes, silverware, pots & pans, dishcloths, cups, bowls, Tupperware)

·Coffee table, dressers, side tables

Or you can donate to the GoFundMe:

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