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TEXT TOPIC: What rumor involved you but it wasn't true?

someone asked me what I was going to do for valentine's I said we were going to do fondue. They asked did you say bondage? No fondue and everyone kept asking me later I heard you were into bondage

my grandpa sold a company and now is very well off. My parents hear rumors like my grandpa gives his grandkids 10 million a year. Not true!! I wish tho!!!!

Worked in sales and rumors started that my success came from me sleeping with my boss. Completely false

My sister in laws started a rumor that I abuse my step daughter. They told a new family member. Completely not true and hurtful. I have been there for her and have taken care of her since she was 3. This was 3 years ago and to this day they have not apologized. I limit interactions with them and will not speak to them.

Rumor that my wife and I are swingers. I love my wife but couldn't handle the emotions of 2 women in my life!

This was when I worked at a day program center for adults with disabilities. Someone spread a rumour about me saying that I said I hated two of my supervisors. And then I got pulled into the office and they told me what was said and I obviously had to prove my innocence. I was so pissed off. And it was the day before my last day working there.

a guy in high school made up a rumor saying that he saw a sex tape of me. Not true, I was still even a virgin. I got kicked off of my cheer team for not being a good example & leader.

Bryan Martinez, I never had nookie with you! You told all your friends and exs. You probably don't sleep with as many women as you say you do! Sorry not sorry!

My best friend at the time was dating this guy and his best friend spread a rumor saying I saw his girlfriend cheating on him when I confronted his best friend because it wasn't true and I never said that his best friend essentially said he wanted to watch me suffer and lose my friends because he thought it was funny. That best friend of mine never spoke to me again

I was a team lead. The person just below me admitted to management she starting a rumor I was doing sexual favors for the men in the building. She got promoted while I was out on medical leave!

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