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TEXT TOPICS: Know someone who was pregnant and they didn't know?

a lady didn't know she was pregnant until over 30 weeks. She kept passing out would get dizzy finally went to the Dr. She had issues not having periods

my cousin went to get her birth control refilled and her OB said "we can't do that, you're pregnant and having a baby in 4 weeks." She only made it 2 more.

my cousin found out she was pregnant, told the family, and a week later she had the baby, it was the fastest pregnancy ever lol

Friend of mine had 2 babies without knowing she was pregnant 1st was during delivery when found out. 2nd she was 7 months when found out

My mom found out she was pregnant when she was 6 months along. She had her menstrual the whole time and didn't show. She only found out because she went in for daily Migraines. 11 months later she also had twins, and didn't know she was pregnant with them until she was 4 months!!]

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